Understanding and Working Principle PLC


Fundamentally PLC is a control device that can be programmed to control the process or the operation of the machine. PLC control of the program is to analyze the input signal and then set the output state in accordance with the wishes of the user. The state of the PLC input is used and stored in memory in which the PLC perform the logic instructions in a program on the state of its inputs. An input device can be electrically photo sensor, push button on the control panel, limit switches or other equipment which can produce a signal that can be entered into the PLC. Hardware output can be switches that turn on the indicator light, a relay that drives the motor or other equipment that can be driven by the output signal from the PLC. Besides PLC also uses a programmable memory for storing instructions - instructions that execute functions - special functions such as: timing logic, sequential and arithmetic to control a machine or process through modules - I / O modules both analog and digital

PLC is an electronic device that is built from the microprocessor to monitor the situation dariperalatan input for analysis later in accordance with the needs of planners (programmers) to control the output state. The input signal is given into the input card. There are two types of input cards, namely:

1. Analog input card
2. Digital input card

Each input has a specific address so as to detect the microprocessor call based on its address. The number of inputs that can be processed depending on the type of PLC- her. PLC output signal is issued in accordance with the program created by the user based on the analysis keadan input.Ada two types of output card, namely:

1. The analog output card
2. The digital output card


Each card has a specific address ouput and processed by a microprocessor according to the address. The amount depends on the type PLC- its output. PLC also prepared on internal inputs and outputs for the PLC process in accordance with the requirements of the program. Where the internal input and output is only as a flag in the process. In the PLC also prepared a timer that can be created in the configuration on the delay, the delay off, on a timer, off timers and others in accordance with the program. To process the timer, PLC call based on its address.

To implement a control system, PLC is powered by software that is part of the importance of a PLC. PLC program biasanyaterdiri of 2 types of ladder diagram and basic instruction diagrams, each PLC has a difference in the writing program.

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