ESP 8266

               Meet safely back in tutorial, in this tutorial we will learn to use the module ESP8266, esp8266 module is used for wireless communication / Nirkable. ESP8266 module supports the development of IOT (Internet Of Things) in line with the development of microcontroller today. ESP8266 is a module that is used for Wifi. ESP8266 has a voltage of 3.3 volts is very supportive to the voltage that is owned by arduino of 3.3 volts.

The following is the Pin Out of ESP 8266 Module

ESP 8266

ESP 8266

Here is a schematic ESP8266 and Arduino

What do we need to prepare to use the ESP module 8266:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. ESP8266
  3. Breadboard
  4. jumper taste
  5. firmware ESP8266
  6. EPSTool

Steps to use the module ESP8266:

  1. Just draw ESP8266 with Arduino according skematiknya
  2. Download Firmware ESP8266 and EPSTool here
  3. Open Epstool like to see below:

  4. Adjust comport accordance with the computer / laptop us, to let Hexanya code 0 X 0000, press Bin, and locate the file firmare we've downloaded in step 2 and press download. if it is correct it would appear 0 -100% percentage of the download process, let the process run. then when it's over there close and close the software code EPS8266 its Flash downloader.
  5. began to open arduino Arduino then upload code but only an empty void only setup and void loop course

    void setup(){
    void loop() {
  6. Open Serial Port and type the code AT, If OK then EPS8266 Ready to use.
    to try another command, for example, want to see Type Firmware, for example, AT + GMR As shown in the figure below

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