Temperature Sensor featuring DHT11 in Processing Arduino

       At the time the singer tutorial, we will MAKE views From The sensor we connect WITH Arduino, display to be shown is Exodus From The temperature of a place.

Anything That we prepare.

  1. Processing software
  2. Arduino software
  3. Arduino uno
  4. breadboard
  5. jumper
  6. DHT11

Schematic of DHT11 Temperature Sensor are as follows:


Schematic of DHT11 


// Free Tutorial Arduino
// www.ioisalman.com


#define dht_apin A0 //  Output from DHT11 entrance to A0 Arduino
dht DHT;

void setup(){

delay(500);//Delay on system boot
delay(1000);//Time to wait before access to the Sensor

}//end “setup()”

void loop(){
//Start of Program


//Serial.print("Current humidity = ");
//Serial.print("% ");
//Serial.print(" ");
Serial.println(" C ");

delay(5000);//Wait 5 Seconds before access to the sensor.

}// end loop()

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