Memory options appropriate for Microcontroller


  • EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Some microcontrollers have an integrated EEPROM on the chip. This EEPROM are used to store a small number of parameters that can be changed from time to time. This type of work is relatively slow memory, and the ability to be removed / write is also limited.


  • FLASH not give a better solution than EEPROM when it takes a large amount of non-volatile memory for the program. FLASH is a lot faster and can be removed / write more often than EEPROM.

  • Battery backed-up static RAM

         This memory is very useful when you need a large memory for storing data and programs. The            main advantages of static RAM is very fast compared to the non-volatile memory, and also                  there is limited ability to erase / write so it is suitable for applications to store and manipulate              data locally.

  • Field programming / reprogramming

    By using the non-volatile memory to store The program will enable the microcontroller to be programmed in place, without letting go of the system being controlled. In other words, the microcontroller can be programmed once assembled diPCBnya.

  • OTP - One Time Programmable

    OTP Microcontroller is a microcontroller that can only be programmed once and can not be deleted or modified. Typically used for the production of a limited number. EPROM OTP using standard but does not have a window to remove the program.

  • Software protection

    With the "encryption" or fuse protection, the software was programmed to be protected from piracy, modification or re-engineering. This ability only possessed by OTP component or components that can be re-programmed. At the component type Mask ROM is not needed protection, this is due to hijack the contents of the program one must read (visual) of its chips by using an electron microscope.

    Nevertheless factory microcontroller can still read the contents of programs to ensure that the microcontroller is programmed correctly, or so-called"Test mode". TEST MODE ALLOW US TO READ THE ENTIRE CONTENTS ROM, but it need not be exaggerated because it is VERY test mode-very, very CONFIDENTIAL and only known to the manufacturer that produces the microcontroller. Test mode can only be performed on a component Mask ROM.

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