Why did we choose Microcontroller ?, Consider the following explanation

  • Microcontroller Selection Considerations

There are several things to consider in deciding which type will be used in our design is as follows:
  1.  The availability and price of a development tools (Programmer, Emulator and Simulator)
  2.  Availability of documentation (Ref. Manual, Application notes and other books).
  3.  Availability of place to ask.
  4.  Availability of components OTP, Mask, and Programmable

  • Matters Concerning Microcontroller

  1.  Fabrication Techniques

    CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor             
                      This is a technique that is commonly used to produce nearly all of the latest microcontroller. CMOS microcontroller requires less power than the microcontroller made with previous techniques, making it possible to operate using batteries. Chip CMOS also allows to operate on a fully or nearly fully static, which means that the clock can be slowed even dismissed so that the chips are in a state (mode) sleep. CMOS is also more resistant to noise than previous fabrication method.
  2. Architecture
    Von-Neuman Architecture

    Von-Neuman architecure
    Von-Neuman Architecture
    The microcontroller is designed based on this architecture pick a data bus used for the "fetch" instruction and data.Program (instruction) and data stored in the main memory together. When the controller is put address on an address in the main memory, the first thing to do dalah take instructions to be carried out and then took the supporting data from the instruction page. This method slows microcontroller operation.
  3. Harvard Architecture

    Harvard Architecture
    Harvard Architecture
    This architecture bus pick a separate data and instructions, allowing the executions were carried out simultaneously. Theoretically it memungkinak faster execution but on the other hand require a more complex design.
  4.  Instruction



    Today almost all microcontroller is CISC microcontrollers (CompleteInstruction Set Computer). Usually have more than 80 instructions.The advantage of this is their CISC instruction that works like a macro sebua, allowing programmers to use a single instruction replaces several other sedarhana instructions.

     Currently the industry trend to use RISC microprocessor design (Reduced Instruction Set Computer). By using fewer number of instructions, allowing land on chip (silicon real-estate) is used to enhance the ability of the chip. Advantages of RIS is simplicity of design, smaller chips, a little pin count and very little power consumption.

Below is fature commonly owned by RISC Processor:
Harvard Architecture, which allows access to programs and data simultaneously. Instruction Pipelining increase execution speed.

Orthogonal instruktion set to ease in programming, allowing each instruction to be operated at the register or used in some addressing mode, these instructions do not have a particular combination and also without exception

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