LCD 16x02(Lcd or Create Arduino Microcontroller)

           In this case we will set the LCD to display the temperature information that we have made. For information see the temperature of the computer certainly less practical is not it?

           LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, or generally referred to as an LCD or display only. In the market various types of LCD and various sizes that you can use. LCD can be used for displaying letters and numbers, and some even can to display images.

           In this post, we will get acquainted with the aLCDs commonly used and the price is also relatively affordable. This LCD berukuran16x2 (2 rows 16 columns) that is sufficient to display the temperature information or information that is not too long. LCD is also known as LCD 1602 with several variants such as 1602A, etc.

           This LCD can work at 5 volts, so you can connect it directly to the VCC pin on the Arduino board. Please note, if you use other types of LCD, there is also an LCD that works on a different voltage. So that the voltage source installation errors can make the LCD is damaged.

LCD 1602

LCD 1602 has 16 pins with the following functions:

VDD+5VPower Supply / VCC
V0-Backlight contrast setting
RSH/LH = data, L = command
R/WH/LH = read, L = write
EH.H - LEnable Signal
D1-D3H/LPaths to transfer 8 bits of data
D4-D7H/LPaths to transfer 4 & 8 bit data
A+5VVCC for backlight
K0VGND for backlight

           Based on these characteristics, then all the pins to be used unless the pin D1 - D3 because we will use the data path to transfer 4 bits or 8 bits. A brief explanation of RS, R / W, and E:
  • RS stands for Register Selector, this pin is used to select the register control or data registers. Register control is used to configure the LCD, while the register data is used to write data in the form of characters to be displayed on the LCD.
  • R / W or Read / Write, is used to select the data stream microcontroller will read the data on the LCD or write data to the LCD. If the LCD is used only to write / display data, then this pin can be directly connected to GND so the logic can be set to L (Low).
  • E or Enable is used to activate the LCD when the process of writing data into the register control and regiter data.

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